The Flox® product range is the result of the investment of Grove Advance Chemicals in environmentally correct, efficient and cost-effective alternatives to water treatments, in response to the increasing concern of industries with the issue of sustainability.

Flox® coagulants consist of cationic organic polymers with low molecular weight, produced from tannins extracted from the bark of the tree. These products are totally biodegradable and suitable for the treatment of wastewater, industrial process water and drinking water.

Our exclusive products are mainly used in the primary physicochemical treatment, in direct substitution of conventional synthetic organic and inorganic coagulants which typically contain polyamines, and Al3+ and Fe3+ salts, respectively. These compounds subsist in the sludge as waste substances that may create restrictions and difficulties in their discharge, deposition in landfill site or agricultural soil, and negatively interfere in the posterior biological treatment. Flox® products are quickly and totally digested in biological treatment and compatible with most of the compounds used in water treatment.
Flox® products act by neutralization and destabilization of electric charges, and produce compact fuzzes with lower water content. This characteristic leads to the production of a lower sludge volume. The process does not consume alkalinity, therefore does not alter the pH of the water under treatment.

Flox® products are distributed in liquid form at a 25% m/m concentration, and supplied in 1000 L refillable plastic containers (IBCs) or in high volumes for cistern storage. The products may also be distributed in the form of powder.