Use of the Flox ® natural coagulants has several main advantages that combine into an environmentally correct and economically efficient water treatment and respond to the general concern about environment and sustainability:

1. Natural eco-products derived from plants and renewable sources, contributing to a sustainable and economical water treatment;

2. Flox® coagulants decrease the volume of sludge and do not alter the pH of the water under treatment, comparatively to conventional products based on metallic salts. Why?

3. Non-toxic and non-corrosive eco-products, thus contributing to a longer useful life of equipment and to the security of operators; not classified under the UN register of hazardous products;

4. Application on a large pH range (4 to 9), without alteration of the effluents pH. Therefore, these products considerably reduce the use of acidic and alkali agents resulting in huge savings in these products and their logistics and increasing the operating security;

5. Contribution to the efficiency of the posterior biological treatment, due to the absence of any kind of inhibitor agent (e.g. organic salts), while contributing with organic material for the growth of micro fauna;

6. The effluents conductivity remains unchanged; this is particularly important in cases followed by osmosis processes, and in cases of closed circuit waters.
Metallic salts, originally anionic (sulfates, chlorides, polychlorides) form metallic hydroxides (e. g. aluminum hydroxide, iron hydroxide) in contact with water, becoming cationic through the reaction with the alkalinity of the environment. In the hydroxide form, they acquire the colloidal physical state (gel), containing water at the intra-molecular level (e. g. AlOH.XH2O) that renders difficult the dehydration of the sludge.

On the contrary, Flox ® products are constituted by organic molecules produced and ready for application in the cationic form. They originate gels that also contain water at the intra-molecular level, but in less quantity. Therefore, the sludge volume generated is lower compared with conventional coagulants and the dehydration of the sludge is facilitated. The lack of reaction with the alkalinity of the environment is also the reason why Flox ® products do not lower the pH of the water under treatment, in contrast with metallic salts. Flox ® products do not increase the conductivity of the water because they do not contain metallic salts.