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Integrated Quality, Environment and Human Resources Policy

Grove Advanced Chemicals undertakes to maintain and improve its performance by means of its Integrated Quality, Environment and Human Resources Policy according to the following strategic guidelines:

- Focusing on the highest satisfaction of our customers expectations, by assuring their loyalty;
- Continuing growth in new markets;
- Minimizing the environmental impact of our activities and prevention of pollution;
- Development and satisfaction of our staff inside the company;

In this sense, we commit ourselves to:

- Guarantee the fulfilment of legal requirements and other regulations signed by the company;
- Promote the continuing improvement of our processes, by using the best methods and assuring their systematic planning, control and revision;
- Encourage innovation, development and use of new solutions;
- Define goals and purposes by regularly evaluating our performance according to the specific indicators;
- Effectively disclose and inform the Integrated Quality, Environment and Human Resources Policy by promoting the engagement of our staff, customers, suppliers, and other interveners.


Quality of products and services is the main part of Grove Advanced Chemicals activity. We commit ourselves to:

- Guarantee the customers satisfaction by assuring a very close relationship, by identifying their needs, expectations and by constantly interacting with them;

- Promote the motto 'doing well on the first time';

- Control all the processes required to the fulfilment of the goals established with the customer;

- Manage the claims as an essential means of recognizing and preventing from possible reasons for dissatisfaction.


We intend to minimize negative impacts on environment, according to the following principles:

- To call the staff's attention for the importance of minimizing environmental impact;

- To promote the reasonable use of water and energy;

- To integrate environmental criteria in the selection of raw material, packages and consumables;

- To encourage reduction of produced waste and of emissions to air and water;

- To favour waste re-use and recovery solutions.

Human Resources

Our staff defines the quality of products and services of our company. We promote our human resources according to the following guidelines:

- To call the staff's attention to the company's goals;

- To ensure their abilities regarding the performance of their functions in education, training and experience by encouraging their development with in-service training;

- To guarantee a safe and healthy working environment.