October, 2015

Reporting to May 2014 news, we are now able to announce the official launch of the new Flox® product, Flox®-QTK, which has specific improvements in applications such as efluent with extreme pH or high percentages of phosphorus.

This new product will be available in liquid solution and can be supplied in 1000 kg containers or cisterns.

At this point, the application of this product is exclusively made by Grove® ChemicalsTM technical department.

Let Nature Take
Care of Nature​

Grove Latin America

April, 2015

Following a strategic expansion, the work developed, the receptivity achieved and the positive results reached, Grove Advanced Chemicals is pleased to announce the opening of a new office in Bogotá, Colombia.

We would like to show our gratitude to our local representative,​ Mr.​ Sergio Enrique Urrego Baez, for his commitment to this successful project, and also to the Colombian Portuguese Chamber (, particularly to its Executive Director, Mrs. Rosário Marques, for her support and involvement within this process.

The presence in Latin America will allow Grove Advanced Chemicals to be closer to our existing and prospect customers, to provide superior services and the necessary local support regarding our products and solutions in order to achieve a more sustainable future and a proper water treatment in the region.


September, 2014

Grove was present last 21 to 26 of September at IWA, the World Water Congress & Exhibition, held in Lisbon, Portugal.


May, 2014

The innovation and the search for new environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions are a pillar of utmost importance at Grove® Advanced Chemicals™, continuous research and development have always been encouraged and stimulated within the R&D department.

In this sense, we are proud to announce the entry into the final phase of industrial scale tests of another solution for clarification and water treatment that give some specific improvements in applications such as efluent with extreme pH or high percentages of phosphorus removal.


April, 2014

Grove® in partnership with bisley group will be present at Ozwater'14.
Australias's international water conference & exibition.
masdar city

New office in Masdar City

March, 2014

Grove® Advanced Chemicals™ and Oulu Water Alliance took an additional step to further strengthen their technical and trade partnership. We will now cover the Middle-East markets through the opening of a joint office in Abu Dhabi, more precisely in Masdar City (, to support our activities in the region.

Masdar City is recognized worldwide as the ultimate highpoint of sustainability and eco-friendly solutions, which are fully consistent with the philosophy governing both companies.

Our office will be located at the following address:

Incubator Building, office 42
Masdar City
Abu Dhabi

This important milestone clearly marks the history of the two companies and represents the recognition of Flox® eco-coagulants advantages and the work developed by our partnership.


February, 2014

In the last February 17TH - 20TH, Grove Advanced Chemicals was present at the 17TH Congress of the African Water Association, in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.


September, 2013

Oulu Water Alliance Ltd. (OWA) is now the official representative of Grove® Advanced Chemicals™ in Finland and Russia.

Henrique Villas-Boas, CEO at Grove Chemicals states:
"The partnership between Grove and OWA is strongly based on the shared values of the two companies on ecology and sustainability. This synergy represents another opportunity for Grove to further develop and validate other applications for the Flox® products range in highly competitive markets together with the expertise and support of OWA's R&D department."

OWA is a center of expertise in the water treatment sector that provides high-level knowledge and research-based business for new products and services for all water markets. OWA performs an essential link between water industry know-how, education, cutting-edge research and business.

CEO Jaakko Pellinen at Oulu Water Alliance Ltd. (OWA) states: "Ecological and natural products in water treatment are the future. The Flox biopolymers from Grove are not only a environmental friendly solution but also superior products in wastewater and process water treatments. This makes it easy for us to start the cooperation. With the partnership of OWA and Grove also new innovations and applications will rise. Let the nature take care of nature is our shared philosophy."

Flox® eco-coagulants for water and wastewater treatment are now REACH registered

July, 2013

We are proud to announce that Flox® coagulants are now under REACH regulations. Grove Advanced Chemicals affirms the use of these eco-coagulants in markets that rely in REACH regulated products. This event represents a promising milestone for our company and our business partners. Grove Advanced Chemicals is strongly committed to play a role in the green revolution.

In a world under accelerated change, evolution is the only answer. In response to the 21st century demands concerning human health, sustainability and the protection of the environment, Grove Advanced Chemicals provides an eco-friendly solution for the treatment of water and wastewater. Our Flox® range of organic coagulants of vegetal origin certified by the NSF has been used with significant benefits by a wide range of industries.

Treating water with ecological and organic coagulants from vegetal origin is our contribution to the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly industries. Our challenge is to help our clients do it better for all of us.

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One year

June, 2013

Grove advanced Chemicals is proud to celebrate the first anniversary of the certification of the company according to the Quality Standard NP EP ISO 9001, Environment Standard NP EN ISO 14001 and Human Resources Standard NP 4427. We renew our commitment to the quality of our products and services, good environmental practices and concern with collaborators, and to dedicate our efforts to always deliver the best solutions to our customers.

WETEX 2013

April, 2013

Grove Advanced Chemicals will be present at WETEX 2013
Water, Energy, Technology and Environment Exhibition, in Dubai.
Visit us from 15 to 17, April 2013.


March, 2013

Global Engineering Supply Est. (GEST) is the new Grove Advanced Chemicals partner in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a world region where sustainable processes/products for water treatment are prone to be widely adopted.

GEST shares with Grove Advanced Chemicals a philosophy of environmental awareness and prioritizes the use of eco-friendly alternatives in water treatment. We will be together at the Wetex 2013 in Dubai; come and visit us from 15 to 17 April, in our booth E61.


March, 2013

Once more Grove Advanced Chemicals supports the international scientific community and is proud to announce a cooperation with the Oulu University from Finland (, one of the most prestigious and multidisciplinary universities in Europe. This research aims developments in several applications including domestic water for human consumption aswell as industrial applications.

This partnership will provide a strong platform for both organisations to achieve their strategic ambitions as a major 'hub' of excellence for research and development in ecological water and wastewater treatment.